Friday, September 12, 2014

style // mean female drag queen

 Photographs by Sara Vaessen
 Earrings are Vintage, Blouse by Primark, Necklace by Primark, Faux-Leather Jacket by Impressions, Jeans by H&M, Boots by Forever 21, Tote bag by Gnarwolves.

 YAAAY for Friday! Today I only had one class even though it was a very long class about presentation skills. After the class, one of my peers told me that I'm their personal 'mean female drag queen' and you know what? I totally get it. I dress up too much, I say fabulous far too many times and the things that come out of my mouth sometimes even take me by surprise. Plus sarcasm doesn't help the 'mean' part. 

Anyway, this weekend I'm doing nothing but studying and sleeping, a lot of the latter. Plus gotta work on few things concerning the other life which is not the one of a student. Such fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

style // i can't see my spots because you're so black

Photographs by Sara Vaessen

 Dress by New Look, Faux leather jacked by Impressions, Bag by Lush, Boots by Office

'I can't see my spots because you're so black' is just one of many quotes that Sara comes out with while trying to take the outfit pictures.  For many reasons it really made me laugh, mainly because I never thought in my life I would hear anything between those lines.

Weather definitely has been Autumn-special lately and I don't mind, actually I love it. I like the way the air smells in Autumn. It's crisp, sweet as cinnamon but also has that old book scent. Sadly the weather reminds me of coffee and once my Temptation has set a goal, she goes and gets what she wants, so my poor student life due to coffee addiction has returned! Welcome!

Monday, September 8, 2014

style // fall bound

Photographs by Sara Vaessen
Top by H&M, Jeans by Henry Holland, Scarf by New Look, Boots by Office, Bag by Lush

It has been a while since my last style post therefore I'm very happy that my friend could help me out and take some pictures for me. The thing is, because I haven't done outfit post in a while, I found it beyond awkward when I stood in front of the camera, trying to look decent (even though I failed miserably). So, if I look creepy, that just me being awkward and all. 

I'm back in Netherlands, university if pretty much 24/7. Autumn in the Hague is mesmerizing, I cannot even describe how wonderful it is. The colourful leaves are mingling wit rich green ones. Sun is still bright and burning up the air while the wind is doing its thing by letting cold breezes pass through making your hair dance in the air. You can smell Autumn in the air, it's everywhere and I must admit, I'm so ready for it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

fashion // accessories edition: lunar made

If you know me or time-to-time check my social media, you'll most likely know that I have a soft spot for all things Elena Wood which is why the fact that Lunar Made is as cool, sweet but eccentric as the one and only creator herself, had not hit me as hard as that iceberg hit Titanic. Obviously when it comes to any sort of new ventures of the individuals that I would put under 'totally badass and cool to the bone' list doesn't straight away mean I will love it. Actually the contrary, I usually feel very displeased with any artists gone designers or model gone Broadway but dear El Wood never let's you down, especially with the newest collection - 'Stay Golden'. 

It's pure and sweet, it's mean and demanding, it's chill but chic - the collection is everything and above. Even the goddamn photographs are drool-worthy. I never thought I would say this but I think El Wood has found her true calling. Absolutely beautiful!

Monday, September 1, 2014

food // vegan fajitas (mild)

You'll need:
as many wraps as possible (small wraps)
beans (depends on you)
vegetables (of your own preference)
vegan cheese
vegan chicken replacement slices
salsa (mild)

These are as easy to make as it's to sit down. All you got to do is oil up your pan and let it warm up. Once it's hot and sizzling throw in your vegetables, I went for grated carrots, roughly chopped onions, green beans and cherry tomatoes. This is also when you add chicken (substitute) style slices and let them cook until all seems half ready. At this point you add the beans in the pan, for me mixed bean salad really did the trick.

Now go relax, read a chapter or turn on your iPod, turn the volume up and let it consume you. Remember, however, to go for regular checks to see the progress of what's cooking and add seasoning of your choice (I went for chilly powder, sea salt and mixed pepper). Once all is ready, add salsa and allow it to blend in with the vegetables. 

Now once salsa has been spread throughout you may start filling the wraps with the mix. Also turn on your oven to warm up. Remember not to fill the wraps too full as the they might not close. Continue this process until you run out of wraps or the filling (which was the case in my scenario). Now grate the vegan cheese of your preference (mine was 'hard Italian style' cheese ;);) ) and now place nearly finished goods in the oven. As always, have regular checks. Once the cheese is melted and nothing is burned, grate a bit more cheese on top and it's ready to be served. You can serve it along fries or rice, even mixed salad will do the trick.

Monday, August 18, 2014

thoughts // store edition: the old auction room

 Even though Colchester (UK) is my home, I still manage to discover new stores, places and record stores. The Old Auction Room is pretty much all you want in a one store. The store has many antiques that you can grab for rather low prices, they also stock some great vinyls as Prince's 'The Purple Rain' and Bob Marley's 'Legend'. Ignoring these key factors, you may also find amazing books and vintage clothing. I actually found a book from 1968 that has brilliant collection of girly comics and I only paid £1 (BARGAIN!). The actual place also has very chill vibes therefore if upon your visit you feel like never leaving, I'm not blaming you; personally I had to drag myself out before I decided to sit on the couch by the piles of Mojo magazines. Anyway, if you ever come and visit Colchester, make sure to pop in the Old Auction Room, otherwise you'll be really missing out.

Friday, August 15, 2014

style // rebel rebel

 Photographs by Gabbie Dempsey
Hat is Vintage, T-shirt by H&M, Faux leather jacket by Impressions, Jeans by H&M, Bag by L.Credi, Sneakers by New Look

I absolutely love being home, being able to hang out with friends, drag them through stores that I have recently discovered, being able to spend quality time with my family and finally getting my arse to few gigs has truly been relaxing. However, being back home has made me become shopaholic, so many pieces of clothing that scream 'buy me', I have even reached the point where I need to buy extra bag for when I return to uni. But I don't mind at all.