Monday, September 1, 2014

food // vegan fajitas (mild)

You'll need:
as many wraps as possible (small wraps)
beans (depends on you)
vegetables (of your own preference)
vegan cheese
vegan chicken replacement slices
salsa (mild)

These are as easy to make as it's to sit down. All you got to do is oil up your pan and let it warm up. Once it's hot and sizzling throw in your vegetables, I went for grated carrots, roughly chopped onions, green beans and cherry tomatoes. This is also when you add chicken (substitute) style slices and let them cook until all seems half ready. At this point you add the beans in the pan, for me mixed bean salad really did the trick.

Now go relax, read a chapter or turn on your iPod, turn the volume up and let it consume you. Remember, however, to go for regular checks to see the progress of what's cooking and add seasoning of your choice (I went for chilly powder, sea salt and mixed pepper). Once all is ready, add salsa and allow it to blend in with the vegetables. 

Now once salsa has been spread throughout you may start filling the wraps with the mix. Also turn on your oven to warm up. Remember not to fill the wraps too full as the they might not close. Continue this process until you run out of wraps or the filling (which was the case in my scenario). Now grate the vegan cheese of your preference (mine was 'hard Italian style' cheese ;);) ) and now place nearly finished goods in the oven. As always, have regular checks. Once the cheese is melted and nothing is burned, grate a bit more cheese on top and it's ready to be served. You can serve it along fries or rice, even mixed salad will do the trick.

Monday, August 18, 2014

thoughts // store edition: the old auction room

 Even though Colchester (UK) is my home, I still manage to discover new stores, places and record stores. The Old Auction Room is pretty much all you want in a one store. The store has many antiques that you can grab for rather low prices, they also stock some great vinyls as Prince's 'The Purple Rain' and Bob Marley's 'Legend'. Ignoring these key factors, you may also find amazing books and vintage clothing. I actually found a book from 1968 that has brilliant collection of girly comics and I only paid £1 (BARGAIN!). The actual place also has very chill vibes therefore if upon your visit you feel like never leaving, I'm not blaming you; personally I had to drag myself out before I decided to sit on the couch by the piles of Mojo magazines. Anyway, if you ever come and visit Colchester, make sure to pop in the Old Auction Room, otherwise you'll be really missing out.

Friday, August 15, 2014

style // rebel rebel

 Photographs by Gabbie Dempsey
Hat is Vintage, T-shirt by H&M, Faux leather jacket by Impressions, Jeans by H&M, Bag by L.Credi, Sneakers by New Look

I absolutely love being home, being able to hang out with friends, drag them through stores that I have recently discovered, being able to spend quality time with my family and finally getting my arse to few gigs has truly been relaxing. However, being back home has made me become shopaholic, so many pieces of clothing that scream 'buy me', I have even reached the point where I need to buy extra bag for when I return to uni. But I don't mind at all.

Monday, August 11, 2014

fashion // nasty gal's fall lookbook

No one does fall like Nasty Gal. It's always chic, adventurous and never a bore. Personally I'm not a fan of fall, don't like the cold and the thought of hiding my curves under multiple layers just to keep my flesh warm. Snow makes me want to crawl in a cave made of silky sheets, wind reminds me of how much I should not bother with my hair and the cold air in general is just a massive hell-no from me. 

However, in order to stay sane during the fall season I need to look my best to feel my best, therefore the right outfit is the key for my sanity and others around me. For these reasons I do have a big crush for Nasty Gal, they know what a girl wants and they wish  to please. The fall lookbook is quite the eyebrow raiser in the most positive way. Layering never have seen this much fun and showing a little bit of skin is a challenge I am willing to take. Thanks to Sophia Amoruso for yet another fall looking fabulous.

Friday, August 1, 2014

style // babydoll

Photographs by Sara Vaessen
Sponsored by Choies & MARLA London

 Blouse by T.K.Maxx, Jacket by Debenhams, Jeans by Henry Holland,Sunglasses by Choies, Sandals by New Look, Watch by DKNY, Bag by MARLA London

I'm listening to 'I Wanna be Yours' by Arctic Monkeys and I can't help but to feel melancholy. I want a leather jacket (faux obviously), pitch black platforms so I feel closer to the sky and slowly dance in a half empty bar while the glorious rock'n'roll plays all night long.

There's nothing more liberating as being able to realize the beauty of failure and how much it allows you to grown, expand as a human being. If you read my previous post #GIRLBOSS, you will than know that the book is like my personal bible and success is my religion. Never been so motivated in my life and I have fallen over heels for simply being real with myself.

You know, it is easy to avoid trouble if you live in a bubble.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

thoughts // #GIRLBOSS

Every single time you pass a change in your life span, these changes will not only influence you in most obvious ways but also bring long term and life changing opportunities. They don't say everything happens for a reason for no reason. (see what I did there ;)) Couple months ago I had dreams and fingers crossed across the heart, now I have plans and ideas and confidence that had been taking its time catching up with me. 

I picked up a book by one of my favorite online, all-things-mind-bogglingly-fabulous, clothing destination that is Nasty Gal's CEO Sophia Amoruso - '#GIRLBOSS' and it has been making me realize the biggest mistakes that I have been making while trying to build a sold path for my career. And it's no one's fault, it's me and only me that has the power to stop myself of achieving what I want. The biggest mistake that we make is self-pity and nonacceptance of the ugly truth. NO, you actually didn't work that hard this week, because those hours taken to your 'brakes' because you felt like you 'deserved' it were actually you lying to yourself. We keep lying to ourselves and by doing so we begin to believe in our own pathetic lies. 

Acceptance is beginning of Success. There will be obstacles, there is no easy road to succeeding, the road will require time, patience, hard work and a lot of coffee. In order to be the best you have to do the best and you cannot do your best if all you do is speak not do.

Love yourself, accept yourself and build your empire one task at a time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

fashion // menswear edition: bonobos

 I love dressing-up, feeling my best and always feeling like I've got my sh*t  together and without putting on my uniform (that is I simply don't feel like I can take over the world. This is why I would feel disappointed if I did not time-to-time mention or talk about brands that aim more at males than females. Bonobos is one of those fabulous brands.

Bonobos have a wide collection of beautiful pieces that should make every man feel like they've got their sh*t together and are ready to take over the world. I can't deny that pieces, especially the suits, makes me wanna have  a sex change so I can rock the beaut items. Without a doubt, I wish my future partner-in-crime will be rocking at least one of these suits because any guy would look like an eye-candy. Just saying!