Wednesday, July 30, 2014

thoughts // #GIRLBOSS

Every single time you pass a change in your life span, these changes will not only influence you in most obvious ways but also bring long term and life changing opportunities. They don't say everything happens for a reason for no reason. (see what I did there ;)) Couple months ago I had dreams and fingers crossed across the heart, now I have plans and ideas and confidence that had been taking its time catching up with me. 

I picked up a book by one of my favorite online, all-things-mind-bogglingly-fabulous, clothing destination that is Nasty Gal's CEO Sophia Amoruso - '#GIRLBOSS' and it has been making me realize the biggest mistakes that I have been making while trying to build a sold path for my career. And it's no one's fault, it's me and only me that has the power to stop myself of achieving what I want. The biggest mistake that we make is self-pity and nonacceptance of the ugly truth. NO, you actually didn't work that hard this week, because those hours taken to your 'brakes' because you felt like you 'deserved' it were actually you lying to yourself. We keep lying to ourselves and by doing so we begin to believe in our own pathetic lies. 

Acceptance is beginning of Success. There will be obstacles, there is no easy road to succeeding, the road will require time, patience, hard work and a lot of coffee. In order to be the best you have to do the best and you cannot do your best if all you do is speak not do.

Love yourself, accept yourself and build your empire one task at a time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

fashion // menswear edition: bonobos

 I love dressing-up, feeling my best and always feeling like I've got my sh*t  together and without putting on my uniform (that is I simply don't feel like I can take over the world. This is why I would feel disappointed if I did not time-to-time mention or talk about brands that aim more at males than females. Bonobos is one of those fabulous brands.

Bonobos have a wide collection of beautiful pieces that should make every man feel like they've got their sh*t together and are ready to take over the world. I can't deny that pieces, especially the suits, makes me wanna have  a sex change so I can rock the beaut items. Without a doubt, I wish my future partner-in-crime will be rocking at least one of these suits because any guy would look like an eye-candy. Just saying!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

style // gypsy

Photographs by Sara Vaessen 
T-shirt by H&M, Rings by Primark, Jacket by Vintage Accessorize Monsoon, Shoes by Impressions, Bag by Gnarwolves, Choker was a gift, Turban is DIY.

I don't think I have a specific style. Looking through my past outfit posts, looking at myself in general when it comes to my day-to-day clothing choices, there is no consistency. One day I look like a typical student who does not particularly give a damn about what looks good or bad or what others will think, however next day I may look like a rich housewife who knows her Gucci from her Prada. And than there are days when no one really knows what is going on, those days are the days when I look like a witch, too hipster to even breath or a gypsy.

Yesterday I went for a gypsy look. I've been wanting to wear a turban for a while but never had the balls nor did I actually have a turban. Thankfully, yesterday I didn't care if I looked bad or good with a turban and thanks to the Internet I manage to make one by using a vintage scarf that was given to me by a family friend.

Anyway, tomorrow I am flying back home, I was meant to be going to Latvia but sadly my plans got ruined. I still hope I can visit my friend there soon. The beach, scenery and nature in general is calling me and I cannot wait to be able to pack my bags and stay there for few days.

Monday, July 14, 2014

diy // pvc clutch

I've been dying over all the pretty transparent clutches that been going around the wide web, yes even the Chanel No. 5 bottle that was on M. Cyrus instead of it's rightful owner - me! Oooh key...well I'm not that rich so there's no way I could purchase it which is why I decided to make my own...not Chanel perfume bottle bag but a simple square clutch for my everyday extravaganza.

Above I laid down all the steps that one would need to do to make a basic pvc clutch bag. This is my very first attempt at trying to make a bag, especially when it is a transparent one. Either way pvc is rather easy to work with, however you must be patient otherwise the whole thing will be a waste of your time and material. Therefore, once you feel like you cannot be asked, stop, go do something else and come back when you feel like it. 

I left the marker on the pvc as for some reason I think it adds extra to the whole canvas, plus the gold studs really work well together with the marks, at least in my opinion. Personally I really enjoyed the process and am thinking of maybe making more of these bad boys and who knows I might feel frisky and add some actual fabric.

Friday, July 11, 2014

style // hakuna matata

Photographs by Sara Vaessen
Sunnies by Tatler, Crop-top by H&M, Blouse is old, Floral pants by Next, Bag by Lush (present), Bracelet is a present, Sandals by New Look

Yesterday after spending hours starring into my computer screen as the characters in the Vampire Diaries do their thing and Damon (the hot brother) finally gets the girl, we decided to go to the beach and by we I mean my roomie and myself. The walk was refreshing as I haven't been out on a lengthier walk in a while, plus the scenery was epic.

Once we reached our destination, being the actual beach, we sat down in the sand and enjoyed the beautiful sunset while refilling the cups. Made me realize how much beauty there is around us and how easy it is to create memories if only we weren't so scared of oxygen and a little bit of walking. Anyway, I have no patients to continue doing the write-up as for the fact that my stomach has mind of it's own and apparently it's feeding time. Plus I need more Vamp Diary episodes in my life.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

style // home edition

 Blouse by Primark, Leggings by H&M

 It's raining outside and Bon Iver is playing on repeat while I keep gazing out the window wondering what to do with my life. University has finished, I have passed all the exams for this quarter, still waiting on resit grades but the wait is partly killing me. I want to know whether I have succeeded or not but all will be determined by end of this month and all I can do is to enjoy my life. 

However that also have been proven to be difficult as my energy, will power and everything else that plays part in having fun is exhausted and as much as I want to spend few nights with my friends by the bar, having shots of tequila and other drinks that come along while chatting about things that don't matter, I cannot get myself to get ready, make the call and get out. This is mainly because I am so tired. This quarter I've been working my socks off to pass this year and I will, there's no doubt; there is no other way.

Either way, I thought I had to stay in Netherlands until end of the month, but now that I have no resits left I'll be booking ticket to Latvia, to see one of the lovelies friends of mine who also is a brilliant artist Katherina Pomerance aka Catherina Falks. Spend morning by the beach, evenings creating stories and nights eating berries by a bonfire while appreciating the night sky and all the beauty that seems ignored while living in a city. I am far too ready to start my Summer adventures!

Monday, July 7, 2014

food // fresh strawberry & cherry roulade

You will need:
  • 2tbs soya margarine
  • 4tbs sugar
  • 2tbs baking powder
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1tbs vanilla extract
  • Strawberries & Cherries
Strawberry & Cherry roulade  is perfect for hot Summer days whether spending it in alone going through a magazine or spending it out in the garden with your loved ones. It's easy to make and doesn't require that much time but in order to make it work it will require a slow and careful approach. Let's begin!

Step 1: Mix soya margarine and sugar until it has spread-like texture.

Step 2: In different bowl mix flour, baking powder, water and vanilla extract.

Step 3: Mix the liquid and sugary margarine, make sure that there are no chunky bits as from the margarine mix. Best to start with a spoon and then pick up mixer and let it do it's job. Mix it consistently until it seems smooth and even.

Step 4: Preheat the oven and pour the roulade mix into a large baking tray. Make sure it's spread evenly.

Step 5: Take yo cherries, take yo strawberries and hide them from ya wife, girl, children or your own taste buds because you'll need them berries for the freshly jam-like filling. Remove all the yucky stuff as the bones from the cherries. Once done so mash the berries together until it resembles jam.

Step 6: Once the base is ready, whip it out the oven than spread the berry base and roll the whole thing slowly, if done quickly will break (as my did because I don't do patients or slow). 

And it's done! You may serve it with powder sugar, fresh fruit, nuts or have it as that and simply have it with tea or coffee. Enjoy!